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Desi Ghee

  • Note on packaging:
    Desi ghee is packed and delivered in bottles. The bottle can be retained by you. Return the bottle and earn store credit on our online store. You can redeem the points in further purchases
  • Health Benefit:
    Ghee is probably the most sacred, spiritual and physically health benefiting substance. Contrary to the view that Ghee is fat and hence unhealthy, you will be surprised to know that the Pure Desi Ghee made via Vedic methods actually improves your Health


    ·        Controls the LDL and causes increase in HDLCholesterol

    ·        Increases strength of digestion

    ·        Nourishes body tissues

    ·        Helps in taking out impurities from the body and increases immunity

    ·        Very good moisturizer for skins. Heals burns andwounds

    ·        Prevents Arteries from Calcium Deposition

    ·        Boosts Immune System

    ·        Reduces Inflammation

    ·        Improves Physical and Mental Health

    ·        Prevents from Cancer

  • Nutrients:
    Vitamin - A, E, D. Minerals - Calcium

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