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Organic Ber- Apple/Indian Jujube fruit

Organic Ber-Apple or Indian Jujube is a commonly seasonal nutritious, tasteful fruit. It is a low-calorie fruit, rich in micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals

  • Ber is traditionally consumed as fresh fruit. It is also dried for future consumption.
  • Those persons who have poor appetite should take ber which help to increase appetite.
  • Ber is good for those persons having poor digestive capacity.
  • Ber contains bio active compounds like flavonoids, cAMP, and jujuboside which protect our nerves
  • Scientific studies revealed that Ber is capable to improve the memory of pupils and promoting learning.
  • It is evident that ber has the ability to reduce mental stress. So, Ber is the choice of fruit for those who lead a stressful life

These Ber- Apples are relatively small in size