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Beetroot leaves (200gms)


Lettuce Green (100-150 gms)


Chakota Leaves

Health Benefit:Very low in calories and fats. Its leaves hold good amount of soluble dietary fiber.Nutrients:Vitamin - K, C, E, B. Minerals - iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium..

Coriander leaves / Kotthambari soppu (100-150gms)

Health Benefit:This herb is very low in calories and contains no cholesterol. Help reduce LDL or "bad cholesterol" levels in the blood.Treats mouth ulcersPrevents stomach disorders.Stimulates digestion.Reduce blood pressure.Keep Bone healthy. Prevents and cure smallpox.Nutrients:Vitamin - A,C,E,K. Minerals - Calcium, Iron, Zinc..

Curry Leaves / Karibevu (100gms)

Health Benefit:It add flavor to the food.Helps to stop Diarrhea.Gastrointestinal Protection.Lowers Cholesterol Levels.Good for Hair Growth.Nutrients:Vitamin - A,C,B,E. Minerals - Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron ..

Amaranthus Green / Cheera / Harive soppu (200-250gms)

Health Benefit:A high protein concentration.It is low in Saturated Fat, and very low in Cholesterol.Helps in bone Development.Helps to balance cholesterol in the body.Boosts eye healthPrevents hair loss.Strengthening of blood vessel walls.Nutrients:Vitamin - K,A,C.Minerals - Calcium, Iron..

Lemon grass (100gms)

Health Benefit:Its leaves and stems are very good in folate. Contains no cholesterol.Helps in preventing Cholesterol in the blood vessels.Prevent Stomach Disorders.Helps respiratory Disorders.Effective in treating infections.Boosts Immune System.Nutrients:Vitamin - A,C. Minerals - Calcium, Iron, Zinc..

Mustard leaves (150gms-200gms)


Radish Leaves (200g)

Health Benefit:It increases Immunity And Reduces Fatigue.It treats Piles.It help in detoxifying the body and flushing out toxins.For Blood pressure regulation.Cures anemia.Helps in building a strong immune system.Provides relief from constipation and bloating.Eliminates toxic wastes from the body.Nutrients:Vitamins - C, A.Minerals - Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid..

Spinach / Palak (200-250gms)

Health Benefit:Very low in calories and fats. Its leaves hold good amount of soluble dietary fiber and no wonder green spinach is one of the finest vegetable sources recommended in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs by dieticians.Reduce night blindness, itching eyes and eye ulcers.Reduces hypertension.Strengthens the heart muscle.Helps to reduce Cancer.Help in building strong bones.Decrease gastric ulcers.Reduce the chances of heart attack and stroke.Nutrients:Vitamin - A,C,E,K. Minerals - Calcium, Copper, Iron, Zinc..

Dantu (big leaves)

Health Benefit:A high protein concentration.It is low in Saturated Fat, and very low in Cholesterol.Nutrients:Vitamin - K,A,C.Minerals - Calcium, Iron..

Dodda Patra/Coleus Aromaticus (100gms)

Health Benefit:The leaves have many traditional medicinal uses, especially for the treatment of coughs, sore throats, nasal congestion and fever. Also it helps in cancer prevention, kidney health, regulating digestion and to improve liver health. Clear Respiratory IssuesImprove Skin HealthPrevention of Cancer Maintain Kidney HealthRelieves Stress and AnxietyNutrients:Vitamin – C,A. Contains Omege-6 fatty acids..

Methi Leaves

Health Benefit:This leaf is highly beneficial for treating poor liver functions and dyspepsia. It is also helpful in treating gastric problems and other intestinal issues. It is also used for curing dysentery and diarrhea. It also helps in preventing and treating of Type II diabetes.Beneficial for treating poor liver functionsCuts down cholesterol levelsHelps in preventing and treating of Type II diabetesReduce skin marks and blemishesHelps in growth of Long and Lustrous HairNutrients:Vitamin – A,C,B6. Minerals – Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper..

Muringa / Drum Stick tree leaves (200gms)

Health Benefit:Muringa greens (leaves) are an excellent source of protein which is a unique feature for any herbs and leafy-greens in the entire plant kingdom. Maintenance of skin integrity, vision and immunity.Maintain healthy eyes and normal vision.Reduction of tiredness and fatigue.Redefining beauty from within.It gives healthy immune system.Supporting the growth and maintenance of muscle massBeneficial in functioning of the nervous system.Maintaining strong and healthy teeth.Nutrients:Vitamin - A,C. Minerals - Calcium, Iron, Zinc..

Dill Leaves / Sabaske (100-150gms)

Health Benefit:Help in controlling blood cholesterol levels. Very low in calories.Treats InsomniaProtects from bone loss and the loss of bone mineral density. Boosts immune SystemActs as a good mouth and breath freshenersPrevents Cancer.Nutrients:Vitamin - A,C. Minerals - Calcium, Iron, Zinc..

Pudina /Mint (100-150gms)

Health Benefit:Helps to control blood cholesterol and blood pressure inside the human body.Helps to cure infections and itchiness.Beneficial for asthma.Helps for respiratory Disorders.Helps for Skin Care and Pimples.Higher levels of memory retention and mental alertness.Promotes digestion.Nutrients:Vitamin - A,C. Minerals - Calcium, Copper, Iron..

Amaranthus red / Cheera / KempHarive soppu (200-250gms)

Health Benefit:A high protein concentration.It is low in Saturated Fat, and very low in Cholesterol.Helps to heal Skin Problems.Helps in treating Diarrhea.Helps for hair growth.Treatment of Sores and Aching and Bleeding Gums.Nutrients:Vitamin - K,A,C.Minerals - Calcium, Iron..

Celery (100 - 150gms)

Health Benefit:It is one of the very low calorie herbal plants. Help reduce body weight, and blood cholesterol levels.Reduces the chances of heart attack or a strokeReduce cholesterolReduce kidney problems and InfectionHelp to reduce swelling and pain around the jointsImproves immune system. Relieves from migrainesNutrients:Vitamin - A,C,K. Minerals - Calcium, Iron, Copper..

Spring Onion

Health Benefit:It is very low in calories. Helps decrease an overall risk of coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular diseases, and stroke.Lowers the blood sugar level.Protects ovarian cancer.Reduces inflammation.Medicine for common cold.Speeds up the level of blood circulation in the body.Decrease cholesterol.Nutrients:Vitamin - A,C,E,K. Minerals - Calcium, Copper, Iron, Zinc..

Basale leaf / Malabar spinach / Poi saag (250-300gms)

Health Benefit:It keeps our heart healthyIt treats depressionGood food for PregnancyProvides energyNutrients:Vitamins - A, B9,B2,B1, B6.Minerals - Iron, Calcium, Copper..

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