Why GreenDNA?


"Driving Sustainability, Building Healthy Ecosystems"


Welcome to an online store offering Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses, Grains and many other essentials. We offer 100 % organically cultivated and harvested produce, with unwavering commitment to deliver fresh & directly from "Our Farm to Your Kitchen". We are sure that you share the belief, “healthy mind and body for healthy living”. Our endeavor to deliver authentic organic produce to your doorstep is a pledge to help you convert this belief into reality.

Our Farm to Your Kitchen

It's taken us more than 12 years to reach this milestone. Every GreenDNA® produce delivered to your kitchen originates from our own and associated farms. Each of these farms has relevant certification of authenticity, apart from diligently practicing the "Scientific – Vedic" methods of organic seeding, nurturing, and growing. Thus each produce is "grown organically - processed naturally - packed hygienically - delivered fresh". You can be assured that there will be no chemicals and preservatives, making our produce "natural - nutritious". We have something for everyone who believes in contributing towards preserving our planet.

Health to Wealth

Organic Agriculture’s primary objective is to enhance, enrich and sustain the health of all our natural resources ensconced within “soil-air-water-energy”. All living organisms are interconnected; we respect and preserve this web of life, while trying to produce "naturally – nutritious" food that contributes to preventive health care and well-being. Our commitment is to provide you organic produce, uncontaminated by chemical fertilizers, animal drugs, artificial hormones and harmful preservatives.

Ecology in Balance

Organic Agriculture is based on living ecological systems and natural cycles. The aim of sustainability is to work with them, emulate them and sustain them. We believe that any procedure linked to this should attain ecological balance through the design of farming systems, preservation of habitats and maintenance of genetic & agricultural diversity. Our commitment is to provide you organic produce that also "protects-benefits" the environment including the landscape, climate, habitat, and biodiversity.

Harmony with Tradition

Organic Agriculture is managed in a precautionary and responsible manner based on science that ensures every produce is "healthy-safe" and ecologically sound. True sciences come from adopting age old traditional and indigenous practices that are in complete harmony with nature. We ensure that our organic method of cultivation adopts appropriate International technologies while incorporating age old wisdom of Indian Vedic way of farming.

Care for All

Organic Agriculture is built on relationships that ensure fairness not only to the environment but also to the local communities. It is our sincere attempt to support fair trade by sourcing from local farmers and doing our bit for improving their quality of life. Our ethos of caring also extends to our livestock who are nurtured in a "clean-lively" environment.