About us

We are a diverse set of professionals, from different cultural and educational backgrounds. Enriched by decades of work experience across different domains, we are now united as "One @ GreenDNA". Our commitment to becoming the change we want to see around us has brought us to this juncture where we want to do our bit to preserve our Earth and undo some of the impacts of mankind's unsustainable behaviors. Our passion to "drive sustainability for building healthy ecosystems" is not merely a symbolic gesture; rather, it is driven by a deep rooted Indian ethos, which inextricably binds mankind to nature and lays the foundation for modern day concepts of sustainable development.

With the critical realization that "what we do to nature is eventually what we do to ourselves", we have set out to help preserve the fragile web of Earth's systems through GreenDNA® . We invite you to join us in this endeavor and support our vision to develop and deploy environmentally and socially sustainable means of production and consumption. Together, we can take small, yet green steps today that will reap benefits not only for present but future generations as well.