Gauthmi Ramesh

Gauthmi Ramesh

Smitha KaranthApr 8, '19


Casual postings made me stumble upon Greendna.While most organic stores strive to score on all the right factors ,here is my experience from the word Go.Although it was past 8pm on a friday night that i decided to order,Team was prompt in calling me early morning on saturday to confirm my order.They tried to accommodate as many items from my order inspite of the short notice.I also received a call from them to clarify my questions on the organic-ness of the oils they sell. I found myself & my family devouring the raspuri and kesar mangoes.Appreciate the free samples they included,I am about to order more mangoes .

Must say I do online purchases from few other organic stores too and only reasons i return as a customer are these below mentioned factors.These are the standards which i use to rate my experience with any of them.So heres my report card for my first -time with Green Dna :

  • Authentic genuine fresh organic stuff ( love their confidence in their words verbal & printed, it reassures me,bcozi can take them up on their claim )
  • Competitive pricing (a tad bit expensive)
  • Promptness of response,(beyond 5 star)
  • Pleasant &personalised service, (beyond 7 star)
  • Openess to receiving feedback ( willing to accept & improve on minor website glitches,etc)
  • Eco friendly packing &practises( muslin bag)
  • Efficiency of the entire team ( individuals alone will not be able to do this without u all)
  • Well done team GreenDna on all the factors !!