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Organic Sunflower Seeds

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Sunflower seeds are powerhouse of antioxidants; Selenium, an anti-oxidant, is found in sunflower seeds in rich quantity; Selenium helps in repairing damaged cells of the body
  • They are considered mood enhancers; Sunflower seeds help in curbing the depression by promoting healthy mood; Sunflower is considered a relaxant which reduces hypertension
  • Sunflower seeds majorly balance cholesterol by infusing phytosterol into the body; Sunflower seeds contain high level of phytosterols which has similar properties as cholesterol but it is healthier for the body
  • For heart health, sunflower seeds are excellent; Sunflower seeds contain 60 percent of vitamin e which severely reduces the risk of heart diseases; They also consist folate acid
  • They are also great source of magnesium; Magnesium helps in keeping nervous and immune system healthy; It also keeps heart free from several toxins