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Organic Onam Vegetable Basket

Long Beans 250g
Ring Beans 250g
Onion 1Kg
Sambar Onion 500g
Potato 1Kg
Tomato Hybrid 1Kg
Pumpkin Red 500g
Pumpkin White 500g
Raw Banana 3Pc
Yam 500g
Ladies Finger 250g
Snake Gourd 1Pc
Drumstick 5Pc
Kovakka 250g
Green Chilli 100g
Carrot 500g
Brinjal Purple 250g
Ginger 100g
Cabbage 1Pc
Garlic 100g
Curry Leaves 1bunch
Coconut Big 3Pc
Banana Yelakki 500g
Plantain Leaves 10Pc
Coriander Leaves 1bunch
Organic Ghee  100ml
Tamarind  100gms
Jaggery  500gms
Flowers 200g