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Organic Sun Dried Amla

Organic Amla is rich in antioxidents which is the one gifted fruit to stay young. No diseases will bother you if you intake amla in any form. Its main advantage is retaining its energy even if its powdered. Eating the dry amla is as good as eating raw. 

Health Benefit:
Amla or Gooseberry as it is called in English is an Amazing Super Fruit and a Boon to the Mankind. It is rich in Vitamin C and contributes to multiple health benefits!!!

· Best home remedy for common cold and flu

· Enables calcium absorption in the body in a positive way

· Possess Anti-Aging qualities

· Enhances growth of beautiful lustrous hair

· Powerful Antioxidant – reduces the amount of free radicals in the body

· Reduces Blood sugar levels for Diabetic patients

· Boosts Immunity and Metabolic rates

· Strengthens Heart Muscles

· Treats Menstrual Cramps