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Organic Coco Peat Powder

  • Material - 100% natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly coconut fibe, Made from organic coconut shell.
  • Keep the moisture - Roots grow under the coconut fiber growth mat, keeping the water in the hydroponic tray between the flood cycles, preventing them from drying out
  • trees and plants- Natural plant growth is more effective than loose coverage in protecting plants. Made from natural cocoa, it is a good plant cover cream that prevents water, air and nutrients from entering the roots of shrubs or trees.
  • Versatile - Used as a direct growth medium or added to garden soil to improve water holding capacity and ventilation. Suitable for any planting purposes: indoor seed start, garden soil, flowers, herbs, houseplants, vegetables etc.
  • Soil replacement- Coco Peat used as top soil or can be mixed with sand .