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Organic Tender Tamarind Leaves

Tamarind is one plant that has a myriad of health benefits. From the fruit pulp to the leaves and the bark—each part of the tamarind plant offers hundreds of benefits. This article focuses on the benefits of tamarind leaves.

Tamarind is generally used in Indian dishes to impart a classic sour taste. But tamarind leaves offer much more than just sourness!

  • Provides Relief From Malaria
  • Cures Jaundice And Diabetes
  • Helps Cure Scurvy
  • Heals Wounds
  • Improves Lactation
  • Inhibits Genital Infections
  • Provides Relief From Menstrual Cramps
  • Possesses Anti Inflammatory Properties
  • Protects The Body From Infections
  • Good For Oral Health And Tooth Ache
  • Increases Antioxidant Capacity Of The Body
  • Treats Ulcer
  • Provides Relief From Hyper Tension