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Organic Premium Assam Tea*

Organic Premium Assam Tea (Loose Leaves)

Assam being one of the most beautiful states in India is known for its alluring river valleys, mountains and hills. The fact that it is surrounded by the Northern Himalayas, the Brahmaputra plains and the Deccan plateau on three sides – makes it one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world. Apparently, entire state is rich in flora and fauna making it a perfect fit to be known as the land of nature.

  • Keeps you alert and strengthens your nervous system. ...
  • Block fat and glucose absorption. ...
  • Improves cardiovascular health. ...
  • Protects against cancer-inducing carcinogens. ...
  • Reduce risk of Parkinson's Disease. ...
  • Reduces risk of ovarian cancer. ...
  • It's delicious!
  • Keeps the body warm
  • Gives you Healthier Skin
  • Fight Infections and Inflammation

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