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Organic Gujrati Matured Lime Pickle

About the product

Made from 100% Organic ingredients, Organic Gujrati Matured lime Pickles are homemade from fresh, organically grown Lemon,Chilli,Ginger & Mango Ginger that comes directly from GreenDNA farms .This pickle takes almost a year to mature. There are no preservatives, stabilisers or chemicals used. We use the best hand-picked fruits,vegetables and spices .  GreenDNA Pickle is not only healthy but also tasty and delicious.

Pickles are low in calories , contain VitaminC and Iron rich.

100% Organic ingredient:

 Lemon,Chilli,Ginger,Mango ginger, Himalayan rock salt & Sugar,

Pickle Expiry: Shelf life: 1 year Once opened:

Handling Instruction: Always Refrigerate.