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Organic Ginger Garlic Paste*

About the product

Made from 100% Organic ingredients. Ginger Garlic Paste is made from fresh organically grown ginger and garlic that comes directly from GreenDNA farms . There are no preservatives, stabilisers or chemicals used. GreenDNA Organic Ginger and Garlic paste is a high quality ginger-garlic paste suitable for making Indian curries and other preparations.It is healthy and a great addition to your meals.

One tea spoon of this ginger-garlic paste is equivalent to 5-6 pods of a garlic and a coin size ginger. Use this ginger garlic paste in your recipe at the same stage as you use your fresh ginger garlic paste. Reduce salt in your cooking as this paste contains some salt.

Ingredients are 100% Organic & Natural.

Ginger,Garlic,Groundnut Oil, Rock Salt. 

Shelf Life 15 days

Handling Instruction: Always Refrigerate.Use a dry spoon.

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*Now Earn Rs.8 on Return of Bottle

for more info-https://www.greendna.in/pages/g-step-policy