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Cast Iron Appakal / Appam Pan Pre-Seasoned

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Appakal / Appam Pan makes it more non-sticky, easy to clean and saves your time while cooking. Works on gas stove, in the oven, over a fire & Induction friendly. Because of thick base it can withstand high temperatures for a long time and spread it evenly thereby avoiding burning of the food. This Appam Pan must have in every kitchen, as it is one of the basic cookware items to make your breakfast, and your food will taste the best.

Health benefits : Handmade with the finest grade cast iron and built to last for generations. Cooking in a cast iron pan adds a good amount of trace iron into your diet, which is beneficial for supplementing dietary iron intake and reducing iron deficiency.

Specification : Diameter-9 Inch, Depth -2 Inch, Weight – 2 Kg

Though Pre-Seasoned we recommend you season it once again before your first use.

  •  1.Apply oil and salt mixture over the surface of the cookware
  •  2.Allow the cookware to soak for a day and heat it till the oil is absorbed
  •  3.Add hot water until the cookware is completely soaked
  •  4.Seasoned at 400 degree Celsius for few hours with Oil.

 Now the cookware is ready for use. Use a soft cloth to wipe away the excess oil and store the pan in a dry place. Repeat the process for 3- 4 times to remove all the residue on the pan before start cooking to get your desired result..

On further usage, it becomes non-sticky.