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Echeveria Cante

Echeveria are also popular pot plants and appear in most succulent collections. 'Cante Glass' is fast growing and a hardy rosette-forming, grey-leafed succulent that easily forms off-sets.

Echeveria plants typically only reach a height of 8” inches tall and may span about 12” inches. However, it can spread quickly from the offsets that start to fill the area surrounding the plant.

The plants can grow solitary or can be clump-forming. Many species have firm, tough, fleshy leaves, usually dark green in colour, whereas others are softer and contain leaf windows with translucent panels through which sunlight can reach internal photosynthetic tissues. Their flowers are small.

How To Care For Echeveria (Succulent)

Soil: Use a well drained Organic potting soil mixed equally with  sand, perlite and a scoop of bone meal added.
PotSize: 4 inchpot
Potting/Transplanting: The container selected must have proper drainage holes. To prevent water logging, cover the drainage holes with broken pieces of earthen pots before putting the soil. Transplant the sapling in a pot along with root-ball of original soil. Carefully place the plant in the middle of the pot & cover the roots completely with remaining soil.
Repotting:  Echeveria should  be repotted every two to three years.
Sunlight: Echeveria can grow well in bright sunlight as well as low light conditions. 
Water: During the spring and summer months keep the soil slightly moist . Water liberally, approximately once per week but allow for slight drying between watering. Remove any excess water from pot saucer. Keep plant dry during the winter months. Take care to water from below, and only water when the soil is nearly dry. It's recommended to avoid getting water in the leaves, and never allow water to sit on the rosette. Temperature: Echeveria is best grown between 55F at night and 75-80F during the day, however it will tolerate temperatures down to 40F.
Humidity: Echeveria prefers dry climate will low humidity.