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Organic Gooseberry / Amla

Organic Amla / Gooseberries are a nutritious fruit containing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are low in calories and fiber-rich, helping people to manage their weight. People commonly use Indian gooseberry for abnormal cholesterol levels and persistent heartburn. 

Health Benefit:
It is rich in Vitamin C and contributes to multiple health benefits!!!
· Best home remedy for common cold and flu
· Enables calcium absorption in the body in a positive way
· Possess Anti-Aging qualities
· Enhances growth of beautiful lustrous hair
· Powerful Antioxidant – reduces the amount of free radicals in the body
· Reduces Blood sugar levels for Diabetic patients
· Boosts Immunity and Metabolic rates&strengthens Heart Muscles
· Treats Menstrual Cramps