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Organic Almondette Kernels ( Chironji)

Buchanania lanzan is a deciduous tree which produces seeds that are edible to humans. It is known as chironji (or charoli).

Chironji nuts are among the” everything sweet” and “everything nutty”

Almondette Kernel is rich in protein content (20-30%) and have high oil content (40-50%), which is highly nutritious.

Chironji  is often used as a substitute for almonds and considered full of healthy nutrients as it contains a considerable amount of dietary fiber. It provides vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin C and niacin

High contents of phosphorus, iron and calcium are also found in these seeds

  • Aids In Digestion.
  • Boosts Immunity.
  • Enhances Cardiac Functioning.
  • Treats Wounds And Ulcers.
  • Purifies Blood.
  • Enhances Skin Quality.
  • DIY Chironji Face Packs.
  • Note on packaging:
    Almondette seeds are packed and delivered in Glass bottle. The bottle can be retained by you. Return the bottle and earn store credit on our online store. You can redeem the points in further purchases.
    How to Store
    • Once the pack is opened store in a cool, dry place.
    • Ensure that you tightly lid the container after every use.
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