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Organic Cocoa Lip Balm

COCOA  Pucker and pout, while you relish our AROVATIKA’S Organic Lip Balm. Cocoa lip balm is an all-natural moisturizer for lips which keep them smooth and silky. The softening properties of cocoa butter and essential oils make it perfect for chapped lips. The rich cocoa formula coats lips with protective veil and gives them velvety sheen. The mild scent of the cocoa beans is bound to make this your favorite instantly. It will improve the texture of your lips, making them soft, smooth, and beautiful.   FEATURES -
  • It heals the skin faster.
  • Use it for more supple lips.
  • A perfect caretaker of perennial lip lickers.
  • The skin conditioning agent, isoamyl laurate, will make your lips velvety soft.
  • The anti-aging properties of dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline keep lips wrinkle free.
The product can be used by both Men and Women. It comes in a compact pack of 9gm and can be carried everyday around with you in your handbags or wallet. It’s natural and organic ingredients makes it perfect for everyday use and safe option for everyone.