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Organic Cowpea Red

Benefits of Organic Cowpea Red

It is an excellent source of fiber, foliate and iron. It helps to induce urination and relieves damp conditions like leucorrhoea. Cow pea tones the spleen, stomach and pancreas. Phytosterols present in the beans may help to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

It's ability to alleviate excessive Kapha dosha is praised in Ayurvedic classics and has been advised to include as a part of the normal diet, due to its high protein content, cowpea should be present in every kitchen. With astringent and a mildly sweet taste, Kerala Ayurveda’s Organic White Cowpea supports healthy elimination and enhances the flavors of a dish considerably. The negligible calories and fat content in cowpea make it an ideal addition to maintain a healthy weight. Rich in antioxidants, it contains high levels of folate and iron that may support pregnant and lactating women. Satisfy your taste buds by cooking this organic cowpea with mild spices, and enjoy the wide health benefits it offers!

  • Protein support for plant-based diets
  • Balances Kapha dosha
  • Supports healthy bowel movements
  • Source of Iron & fibers
  • Low Fat | Healthy Weight management