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Organic Kerala Matta Rice

Organic Matta Red rice also known as parboiled rice originates from Kerala.It is different from brown rice in the sense that the rice is boiled before the de-husking process is done. The fibre content is high and arsenic; glycemic content is low in matte rice than brown rice. Miraculously controls the insulin levels within the body and is extremely beneficial for someone who is diabetic and would still like to enjoy the goodness of rice. Most importantly, red rice is also rich in magnesium, which helps the body fight certain ailments with considerable ease. 

Kerala Matta Rice Benefits:

  • Nutrient Rich.
  • Not Just Carbs.
  • Best Source Of Magnesium.
  • Reduces Risk Of Certain Diseases.
  • Decrease Risk Of Diabetes.
  • Meets Your Daily Fiber Requirement.
  • Slows Absorption Of Carbohydrates.
  • Source Of Vitamins A And B.