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Organic Papaya Small

  • Health Benefit:
    It is very low in calories and contains no cholesterol.
    It reduce constipation problems.
    It is very good for eyes.
    Better Digestive Health.
    Good for Weight Loss
    Prevents Infections.
    Relief from Toothaches.
    Help treat sunburn and irritated skin.
    Improved Immunity.
    Improved Heart Health.
  • Nutrients:
    Vitamin - A,C,E,K.
    Minerals - Calcium, Iron, Zinc

How To Include Papaya In A Diabetes Diet

Papayas tend to have slightly higher natural sugar content, which is why you should always consume them in moderation. Do not mix them with your main meals; it's best to have fruits in between meals as a snack. You can however mix them up with some nuts like almonds, which may help balance the glycemic load of the fruit.