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Organic Red Onion Pickle In Vinegar *

Organic Sirke Wali Pyaz

Made from 100% Organic ingredients,Onion,Green Chilli & Apple Cider Vinegar. Pickles are homemade from fresh, organically grown Onion,Chilli & Ingredient that comes directly from GreenDNA farms . There are no preservatives, stabilisers or chemicals used. We use the best, hand-picked fruits,vegetables and spices .  GreenDNA Pickle is not only healthy but also tasty and delicious.

100% Organic ingredient:
Onion,GreenChilli, Himalayan rock salt,few Pepper and Pinch of crushed red Chilli Flakes.

Sirke Wali Pyaz for a Digestive Boost

Fermented pickled red onions contain high amounts of good probiotics and digestive enzymes. Maintaining a healthy gut flora can aid your digestion and overall energy levels.

Pickle Expiry: Shelf life: 1 Month Once opened:

Handling Instruction: Packed in Glass Bottle.Always Refrigerate.Once open. Use a dry spoon.

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*Now Earn Rs.8 on Return of Bottle

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