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Organic BPT Ponni Par-Boiled Rice

Organic BPT Ponni Par- Boiled Rice is healthy to diabetic patients because it contains less carbohydrate and low glycaemic index tasty and delicious. Preferred for its rich aroma, uniform and long grain size and delicious taste our bpt rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates and vitamin-b.

Good for the Liver, weight loss. Diabetes and works as a natural detoxifier.

Cooking tips - Soak it overnight which makes the rice tender and reduces the preparation time, thus, reducing the carbon footprint in the Kitchen.

Health Benefit:

Parboiled rice is quite beneficial for your gut health as the starch in it acts as a prebiotic and improve the volume of good bacteria in your gut. This will make sure you will not face acidity or bloating issues after having it.
Vitamin B6 Better source of fiber, Calcium, potassium