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  Welcome gift for a Good Health and Sustainable Lifestyle !

It's taken us more than 12 years to reach this milestone. Every GreenDNA® produce delivered to your kitchen originates from our own and associated farms. Each of these farms has relevant certification of authenticity, apart from diligently practicing the "Scientific – Vedic" methods of organic seeding, nurturing, and growing. Thus each produce is "grown organically - processed naturally - packed hygienically - delivered fresh". You can be assured that there will be no chemicals and preservatives, making our produce "natural - nutritious". We have something for everyone who believes in contributing towards preserving our planet.

There has been a rising demand for organic products all-around, and this has brought about a variety of organic gift ideas for organic enthusiasts. GreenDNA has come up selling organic products solely  to cater to this line of consumers. Organic,Natural and eco-friendly gifts are well known for being unique and clever, considering they aid in lowering the carbon footprint and can encourage other people to change their habits for the better.

More people are opting for the organic lifestyle in terms of the everyday products they consume and particularly the food they eat. When buying gifts for a loved one who is part of the organic movement. It is a lot easier to find great organic gifts than you would think because there is a varied selection of organic foods and other products. They are considered to be expensive and difficult to find, which is not the case. You can go for the usual gift basket, but make sure you get products that are suited to the gift recipient.

A Unique Gifting option for your loved ones.