Murali, Electronic City, Bangalore

Murali, Electronic City, Bangalore

greendna-in AdminJan 3, '20

We have been ordering vegetables and fruits from GreenDNA for more almost a year now. Their produce is so good just like what we used to grow at our house back in our village.

In fact, we stopped buying from other sources, except when we couldn't get an immediate delivery slot. I do not feel safe feeding my family with pesticide laden produce that you get a lot from the market these days. GreenDNA has been our saviour since last year and I hope a lot more people benefit from them.

Once you start buying repeatedly, you are also provided information on the availability of items in advance through WhatsApp, which I feel is a very useful feature.

I wish them good luck and hope they get to expand their farms. Hopefully, more people get to benefit from their healthy initiatives.